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Sharp vs Smooth Angles in Interior Design

In the world of interior design, there is a timeless charm in combining the old with the new. Vintage elements bring a sense of nostalgia and character, while modern aesthetics keep spaces fresh and contemporary. When it comes to adding a touch of retro style to your home, consider incorporating vintage light switch covers. Amerelle, a leading brand in home decor, offers a delightful range of vintage-inspired light switch covers that seamlessly blend the allure of the past with the functionality of the present. Join us as we explore the art of retro revival and discover how to incorporate vintage light switch covers from Amerelle into your modern spaces.

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When it comes to interior design, one of the fundamental decisions you'll face is whether to embrace sharp angles or opt for smoother, curvier lines in your decor. These design choices can drastically impact the overall look and feel of a space. With guidance from some of Amerelle wallplates most experienced designers, let’s explore the aesthetics and principles behind sharp and smooth angles in interior design.

Sharp Angles

Modern Decors

The Modern decor style places a premium on clean lines, geometric shapes, and an overall feeling of precision. You'll frequently encounter sleek, angular furniture pieces that epitomize a contemporary aesthetic in modern spaces. These sharp angles are instrumental in establishing a sense of structure and simplicity within modern interiors, resulting in a look that's not just sleek but also exceptionally sophisticated.

Recommendation: Elan Collection

Minimalistic Decors

Minimalist interior design also embraces sharp angles as a key element. This style revolves around the concept of "less is more," and sharp angles play a crucial role in achieving simplicity and functionality. Minimalist spaces often feature furniture and decor with clean, precise lines and geometric shapes. This design approach eliminates excess ornamentation, resulting in a clutter-free environment where every element serves a purpose. Sharp angles in minimalistic design contribute to the overall sense of order and efficiency, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a clean and uncluttered living space.

Recommendation: Edwardian Collection


Industrial Decors

Industrial decor style also leans towards sharp angles, especially in spaces that incorporate raw materials like metal and concrete. Exposed beams, angular steel structures, and sharp-edged furniture contribute to the rugged, urban aesthetic of industrial design. This style celebrates the beauty of angular functionality.

Recommendation: Metro Line Collection

Amerelle's Sharp Angle Recommendations



Modern Decors



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Metro Line

Industrial Decors

Smooth Angles


Art Deco Decors

Art Deco is a design style known for its lavish use of curves and smooth angles. Think of the elegant, rounded edges of furniture, the sinuous lines of decorative motifs, and the iconic scalloped details often found in Art Deco interiors. This style exudes luxury and opulence, embracing the counterpart to the minimalist approach, that "more is more."

Recommendation: Steps Collection


Bohemian Decors

Bohemian decor style also integrates smooth angles, albeit in a relaxed and unconventional manner. This free spirited style celebrates nature through an eclectic mix of organic materials and furniture with soft, rounded edges. Think of cozy, overstuffed sofas and plush, curvy armchairs that invite you to sink in and relax. The result is a warm and inviting atmosphere that feels earthy and comfortable, with a touch of artistic flair.

Recommendation: Contemporary Wood Collection


Eclectic Decors

In eclectic decor, smooth angles are also welcomed, typically with a laid-back and unstructured approach. This style is all about blending various design elements, and it often features furniture with smoother lines. You might come across rounded coffee tables, gently curved seating, and fluid shapes that seamlessly mix and match with different styles and eras. Eclectic interiors feel inviting and harmonious, making it easy to express your unique personality through your decor choices.

Recommendation: Devon Collection

Amerelle's Smooth Angle Recommendations


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Amerelle Wallplates: The Perfect Balancing Act

In the realm of interior design, the choice between sharp and smooth angles is a canvas for personal style and ambiance creation. Sharp angles introduce a dimension of precision and modernity, while smooth angles invoke a sense of comfort and luxury. The true art of design lies in your capacity to harmonize these elements, weaving them together to shape a space that aligns perfectly with your taste and lifestyle.

Whether you find yourself drawn to the sleek lines of minimalism or the graceful curves of Art Deco, your home's design should be a reflection of your unique personality and preferences. Here, Amerelle wallplates emerge as more than mere fixtures; they become the unifying thread, seamlessly weaving together all the elements of your living space. With an array of styles to choose from, Amerelle empowers you to elevate your decor. In every room, Amerelle wallplates stand as a testament to your meticulous attention to detail and your commitment to creating a space that truly feels like home.

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