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This design philosophy, born in the mid-20th century, celebrates the beauty of refined simplicity and the harmonious fusion of form and function.

A professionally designed Minimalist decor style dining area and living room with an open concept, white walls, wood furniture, and lots of natural light from large windows

Multi-Finish Collections

Entire wallplate families, offered in multiple finish options, that all perfectly complement the Minimalist decor style.

Single Finish Products

Design and finish combinations created specifically for the Minimalist decor style.


Glass Tile - Clear/Mint

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Siena Screwless - Brushed Nickel

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Mirror - Reflective

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Zen Screwless - Brushed Nickel

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Related Décor Styles

An interior photo of a professionally designed Modern decor style living room with a neutral or beige color palette


This turn-of-the-century design style is a simple, clutter-free aesthetic that steers clear of frills and bold color. It was born of a distinct historical movement that introduced the concept of the open floor plan.

An interior photo of a professionally designed Mid-Century Modern decor style kitchen and dining table

Mid-Century Modern

A style with a retro twist that appeals to a minimalist sensibility. Streamlined and functional, it rebels against excessive detail while integrating pops of color that gives this decor style a high degree of personality.

An interior photo of a professionally designed Scandinavian decor style living room with a gray couch, white window drapes, a wood coffee table, wood floors, and a grey wool throw blanket


Light and open, Scandinavian interiors incorporate functionality with craftsmanship. Furniture and accessories may be minimal but are chosen for their singular beauty, featuring natural materials.