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Coastal Decor Style

You don't have to live in a Hamptons beach home to experience the charm and coziness of this popular-nautical inspired style.

Traditional Decor Style

Based on the 18th and 19th centuries with a European focus, the Traditional style values consistency, historical references, and muted tones of brighter colors.

Modern Farmhouse Decor Style

The décor of the decade is showing no signs of slowing down. Modern Farmhouse is the perfect blend of contemporary design with a rustic and cozy atmosphere.

A selection of Amerelle decorative wallplates in different styles, finishes, and materials spread out in a fan.

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For 85+ years, Amerelle has been perfecting its products. Now with more than 3 million wallplates in stock, we're here to help create your inspired style.

LumiCover Nightlight Wallplate

Part wallplate and part nightlight, LumiCover is the perfect solution for adding a discreet nightlight without sacrificing outlet space.

Popular Décor Styles

Amerelle offers designs that complement popular interior design styles ranging from Modern Farmhouse and Mid-Century Modern to niche décors such as Coastal, Mediterranean, Shabby Chic, Industrial, and more. Our design team closely follows trends to ensure we have the perfect solution to complete your space.


You don't have to be on a body of water to relax in the Coastal aesthetic. Evoking water, coastal décor plays on blues and white. Natural elements such as wicker, rattan, and natural wood, along with soft throw pillows in linen and cotton create an easy-going, no fuss décor that is made for relaxing.


Modern Farmhouse interior spaces often have exposed beams and antiques sprinkled in with more modern features. Plaids and checks happily mix with well loved pieces and plank floors for a relaxed vibe. Rustic and refined elements intermingle to give this style a unique homey balance.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern is a style with a retro twist. It appeals to a minimalist sensibility – with a bit of zing. Streamlined and functional in a basic neutral palette, it rebels against excessive detail while integrating pops of color such as orange, turquoise, and gold that save it from being boring.

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