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Decor Spotlight: California Casual

With its breezy aesthetic and effortless charm, California Casual has emerged as a popular interior design trend that encapsulates the laid-back vibe of the Golden State. An elevated blend of comfort, simplicity, and natural elements, this design philosophy creates a welcoming space that encourages relaxation and connection. The team at Amerelle, one of the leading voices in interior design hardware, wants to delve into the unique characteristics of California Casual and share its continued resonance in contemporary design.

The History of California Casual

California Casual's roots are deeply embedded in the multifaceted landscapes of the Golden State, encompassing everything from its sun-kissed beaches to its rugged, untamed mountains. California's early architectural and design movements, such as the Craftsman and Spanish Colonial Revival, laid the groundwork for what would become California Casual. These styles emphasized simplicity, local materials, and a connection to the outdoors, values that continue to resonate in California Casual design. This unique design philosophy is more than just an aesthetic choice; it's an embodiment of a relaxed and easy-going way of life that is quintessentially Californian. It seeks to break down the barriers between indoor living spaces and the natural beauty of the outdoors, creating a seamless transition that encourages an open, connected lifestyle.

Key Features of California Casual

Natural Materials

Essential to the California Casual aesthetic are materials that evoke a sense of nature and warmth. Think rattan, jute, leather, wood, travertine, heavily veined marble, and linen. These elements bring texture and a tactile quality to the interiors.

Neutral Color Palette

Add text to your imageShades of beige, cream, and soft earth tones dominate, reflecting the colors found in the Californian landscape. The palette is occasionally punctuated with coastal blues or forest greens to bring in a subtle touch of vibrancy. Amerelle has an assortment of wallplates and light switch covers that blend in with a “light” touch while still offering a subtle elegance. Others, however, find something bold, like our Bethany or Halle​, to be the perfect accentuation to the muted palette of California Casual.

Open Spaces and Light

California Casual celebrates open, airy spaces filled with natural light. Large windows, glass doors, arched doorways, and skylights emphasize a connection with the outdoors.

Personal Touches and Vintage Finds

Personalized accessories and vintage treasures add character and make the space feel lived-in and authentic. Amerelle offers some of the most incredible customized and personalized hardware in the design industry.

Amerelle: A Definitive Voice in the World of Interior Design

In a world where our lives often feel hurried and complicated, the allure of California Casual provides a refreshing antidote, offering a haven where we can unwind and feel at home. California Casual is more than just a decor style; it's a lifestyle statement that celebrates simplicity, comfort, nature, and a connection to one's surroundings. Amerelle understands the timeless quality and universal charm that makes this one of the steadiest trends in interior design. When you need to put the final touches on your next home remodel, turn to the experts at Amerelle Wallplates for premium quality hardware from a source you can trust.

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