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Three decor style examples including a cottage-style kitchen, a modern wood living room, and a contemporary kitchen.

Décor Styles

Our design team ensures we have the perfect wallplate to match any décor. Whether your style is classic, trendy, or niche, Amerelle has a wallplate to complement it.


Based on the 18th and 19th centuries with a European focus, the Traditional style values consistency, historical references, and muted tones of brighter colors. Symmetry adds to the traditional aesthetic and helps to create a calm sensibility.


Coastal décor plays on blues and white, with location dictating the secondary palette. Southern coastal leans toward coral and turquoise, while the east coast loves adding red and khaki. Natural elements such as wicker, rattan, natural wood, and soft fabrics like linen and cotton help create an easy-going décor.


Contemporary is another design aesthetic that embraces natural materials. Each line in the architecture and each item in a room adds value. Contemporary design also uses clean lines and light colors for airy, sunlight-filled spaces, with blond wood and white walls often showcasing oversized windows.


Farmhouse interior spaces often have exposed beams and antiques while incorporating more modern design features. Plaids and checks happily play off of well-loved pieces, mixed metals, and plank floors for a homey and relaxed vibe with a rustic touch.


This turn-of-the-century design style is a simple, clutter-free aesthetic that steers clear of frills and bold color. It was born of a distinct historical movement that introduced the concept of the open floor plan and long, low-to-the-floor sofas and coffee tables. Glass, chrome, and steel are finishes associated with this style.

California Casual

A modern evolution of Spanish Colonial design, California Casual décor fosters a feel of relaxed sophistication. Simple, light backdrops adorned with wood, brass, and marble create an open, inviting space, while wood beam ceilings, grand archways, and plaster fireplaces add architectural appeal.


A testament to Greek and Roman design, harmony and balance are the desired outcomes in Classical interior design. Use earth tones such as brown, terracotta, greens, yellows, and natural textiles such as linen, cotton, silk, and velvet.


Charming is a word that encapsulates the character of Cottage interiors. Distressed finishes, a mix of florals and check patterns, and comfortable furniture create a cozy haven perfect for relaxation.

Spanish Colonial

Spanish Colonial design lives at the intersection of luxury and leisure. Heavy wrought-iron accents, dark wood, and oversized tiles are offset with the earthy accents of terra cotta, natural fibers, and white stucco. The feel is refined yet approachable, a timeless trend started in the 1600s and continuing in popularity today.

Art Deco

First appearing in France after WWI, Art Deco was not just a style but a movement. Not only did the style influence interiors, but product design, art, fashion, jewelry, and more. Art Deco is characterized by bold colors, luxurious materials, and geometry.


Named for the French “béton brut” or “raw concrete,” the post-World War II era of Brutalist design features utilitarian spaces with large windows, open concepts, and bold shapes. On the outside, Brutalist spaces are often steel-reinforced monolithic concrete structures. On the inside, greenery, wood, and leather color accent the space. Neo-Brutalist design reflects a slightly softened approach to this style and remains popular today.


Color and texture are the foundation of Bohemian style. Its laid-back vibe derives from incorporating global-inspired textiles with natural textures like bamboo and jute.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern is a style with a retro twist. It appeals to a minimalist sensibility – with a bit of zing. Streamlined and functional in a basic neutral palette, it rebels against excessive detail while integrating pops of color such as orange, turquoise, and gold that save it from being boring.


The Eclectic style combines multiple aesthetics to create a space that is not only beautiful but also functional. Borrow the best aspects of various décor styles to make your home a one-of-a-kind, personalized space.


Mediterranean interiors evoke the feeling of warm breezes and sun. Stucco walls, terra cotta tiles, and carved wood are common materials. Brass, copper, and bronze wallplates will highlight the natural palette.

Modern Mountain

A modernization of Rustic Lodge Cabin design, Modern Mountain styling seeks to bring a piece of the outdoors into your space with heavy use of natural materials like wood and stone set against a backdrop of neutral colors to let the accents pop. Open floor plans and expansive windows trade the coziness of Rustic Lodge Cabin design for a more modern, casual environment.


Transitional spaces combine aspects of the Modern and Traditional décor styles, enhancing them with modern touches. Pops of color in chair upholstery, drapes, and pillows may complement a neutral color palette. It's an unintimidating style that provides a timeless appeal.

Shabby Chic, French Country

Although a traditional style, French Country is not stuffy. It plays with mismatched textiles and furniture, creating a warm, unintimidating space. Natural materials shine, with linens, cotton, stone, copper, and handmade furniture adding to the welcoming feel. Creams, greens, and natural tones set the color palette.


Country decor is a rustic, simple style that uses natural materials such as wood, leather, and metal. Antiques and handmade crafts give a charming, homey vibe. Colors are muted but not pastel, focusing on red, white, blue, green, and yellow tones. Look for brass, copper, and bronze finishes on lighting, plumbing, and cabinet hardware.

Arts & Crafts

The Arts and Crafts movement was founded on pride in craftsmanship and skill. A move away from mass production, it utilizes simplicity, nature, light, and detail to create objects and architecture that withstand time.

Hollywood Regency, Glam

Glitz and glam take center stage in Hollywood Regency Glam décor, with bold color, high contrast, and an eclectic, maximalist approach that adds drama and opulence. Lacquered gold, glass, and velvet accents are the stars of the show, often adorning a soft backdrop of pinks and turquoise and the hallmark white checkerboard flooring.


Industrial interior design is a staple in lofts repurposed from factories because of the option to incorporate the exposed pipes and brick walls. Spaces are made cozier with worn leather or other natural textiles.


Less is more! Make a simple statement that favors shapes and materials over ornate embellishments. Though a more monochromatic color palette is typical, this style builds interest with its richness of shapes, textures, and materials. Concrete, wood, glass, and steel work in harmony to create simple yet functional spaces.


Light and open, Scandinavian interiors incorporate functionality with craftsmanship. Furniture and accessories may be minimal but are chosen for their singular beauty, featuring natural materials such as wood, glass, and leather. Black is often used as an accent against the stark white and beige interiors.


The distinctiveness of Southwestern interiors comes from the use of geometric patterns and a rich, warm color palette that pays homage to the tribes of the Southwest. Primitive art, woven blankets, baskets, raw wood, leather, and handmade artifacts create an earthy, casual environment.

Rustic Lodge, Cabin

Offering a cozy, earthen feel reminiscent of campfires and old-growth forests, Rustic Lodge Cabin spaces embrace a range of materials. Wood, stone, leather, and other natural elements are common for dominant features, while distressed or aged man-made materials, such as rusted metals, aged bronze, and quilted fabric, are used as accents.

Workshop, Garage

Add the finishing touches to one of your favorite home spaces with bold colors, chrome finishes, and diamond plate accents. Functional yet stylishly rugged, Workshop, Garage décor is generally simple and uncluttered for ease of cleaning and use.