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A Symphony of Styles:

Crafting a Unique Home by Blending Decor Styles Room by Room

In the world of interior design, there is a timeless charm in combining the old with the new. Vintage elements bring a sense of nostalgia and character, while modern aesthetics keep spaces fresh and contemporary. When it comes to adding a touch of retro style to your home, consider incorporating vintage light switch covers. Amerelle, a leading brand in home decor, offers a delightful range of vintage-inspired light switch covers that seamlessly blend the allure of the past with the functionality of the present. Join us as we explore the art of retro revival and discover how to incorporate vintage light switch covers from Amerelle into your modern spaces.

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Your home is a canvas waiting to be painted with a palette of diverse decor styles. Embracing the fusion of various aesthetics in each room can result in a uniquely curated space that tells a story of your tastes and preferences. Let's explore the art of blending decor styles room by room, drawing inspiration from different design movements, and emphasizing the role of accent pieces, including the versatile options offered by Amerelle Wallplates.

A professionally designed Industrial decor style loft entryway with white walls, wood floors, and dark metal lighting fixtures

Entryway: Industrial

Craft a powerful entry experience with a modern industrial decor entryway that seamlessly combines sleek furniture and raw, exposed materials. The juxtaposition of clean lines against authentic elements like exposed brick and metal fixtures sets a bold tone. Illuminate the space with industrial lighting fixtures, and accentuate the urban vibe with strategically placed geometric sculptures and abstract artwork. Introduce minimalist decor accents and industrial-inspired storage solutions for a harmonious blend of functionality and design. The result is a visually intriguing and sophisticated entryway that serves as a captivating introduction to the distinctive design narrative within your home.

Amerelle's Choice For Industrial Entryways

The Zen Screwless aged bronze metal decorative wallplate

Zen Screwless

Aged Bronze

The Devon black metal decorative wallplate



The Elan aged bronze metal decorative wallplate


Aged Bronze

The Metro Line aged bronze metal decorative wallplate

Metro Line

Aged Bronze

Summary: Industrial finishes like brushed metals or matte black to add a contemporary touch.

A Mid-Century Modern decor style living room with light wood floors, white walls, low-slung ergonomic couches, pops of bright color, framed geometric artwork, and large windows

Living Room: Mid-Century Modern

Transform your living room into a captivating mid-century haven by incorporating iconic furniture pieces renowned for their timeless design and clean lines. The essence of this aesthetic is enriched by introducing pops of color through carefully selected accent chairs or vibrant wall art, injecting a dynamic and inviting atmosphere. Elevate the overall elegance by incorporating statement lighting fixtures that not only provide functional illumination but also serve as striking design elements. The curated combination of iconic furniture, vibrant accents, and sophisticated lighting converges to create a living space that not only pays homage to mid-century design principles but also exudes a sense of contemporary refinement, making it a gathering place that seamlessly blends style and comfort.

Amerelle's Choice For Mid-Century Living Rooms

The Century satin brass metal decorative wallplate


Satin Brass

The Glass Tile collection of Amerelle decorative glass wallplates

Glass Tile

Clear / Mint

The Edwardian polished brass metal decorative wallplate


Polished Brass

The Bethany brushed bronze metal decorative wallplate


Brushed Bronze

Summary: Retro finishes like polished brass or atomic-age designs to complement the mid-century aesthetic.

A Boho style dining area with wood floors, a wood table, wood chairs with jute backrests, and textured woven rug, a green plant, and a jute chandelier cover

Dining Area: Bohemian

Embrace the free-spirited allure of bohemian decor in your dining area, transforming it into a vibrant and eclectic space. Curate an array of furniture pieces that defy convention, mixing and matching styles to create a visually dynamic setting. Embrace the bold and the beautiful with vibrant colors and intricate patterns that reflect the bohemian spirit. Elevate the ambiance with the addition of hanging plants or intricately crafted macramé wall hangings, infusing the space with an extra layer of bohemian flair. This carefully curated combination of eclectic furnishings, lively colors, and nature-inspired elements results in a dining area that radiates a bohemian charm, inviting a sense of warmth and individuality to every mealtime gathering.

Amerelle's Choice For Bohemian Dining Areas

The Weave antique copper metal decorative wallplate


Antique Copper

The Metro biscuit ceramic decorative wallplate



The Contemporary unfinished wood decorative wallplate



The Baker unfinished wood decorative wallplate



Summary: Artistic finishes like antique copper weave or unfinished wood to amplify the boho vibe.

A Scandi decor style bedroom with light wood floors, grey walls, minimalistic nightstands, a large window, a wooden bookshelf, and soft grey bedding

Bedroom: Scandinavian

Craft Scandinavian tranquility in your bedroom by opting for minimalist furniture and embracing a soothing neutral color palette. Emphasize the beauty of natural materials, especially wood, to add warmth and authenticity to the space. Introduce cozy textiles, such as soft blankets and plush rugs, to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Maintain the simplicity of the design by selecting functional yet stylish storage solutions that seamlessly blend into the aesthetic. This carefully curated combination of minimalist elements, neutral hues, and nature-inspired textures results in a serene and harmonious Scandinavian-inspired bedroom, offering a retreat that exudes both simplicity and sophistication.

Amerelle's Choice For Scandinavian Bedrooms

The Devon almond metal decorative wallplate



The Century matte black metal decorative wallplate


Matte Black

The Metro white ceramic decorative wallplate



The Wood natural oak decorative wallplate


Natural Oak

Summary: Simple and sleek finishes like Century matte black or white ceramic can seamlessly blend with the Scandinavian aesthetic.

A professionally designed Hollywood Regency Glam kitchen with black marble countertops, black walls, white granite floors, and bold gold cabinetry

Kitchen: Hollywood Regency Glam

Elevate your kitchen with the opulent touch of Hollywood Regency design. Select lavish and luxurious materials, such as mirrored surfaces and metallic accents, to infuse an air of sophistication into the space. Embrace the allure of Hollywood by incorporating bold patterns in rugs or upholstery, adding a touch of drama and elegance to the overall aesthetic. This curated combination of opulent materials, metallic finishes, and bold patterns transforms your kitchen into a Hollywood-inspired haven, where every culinary moment is infused with a sense of grandeur and style.

Amerelle's Choice For Hollywood Regency Kitchens

The Century polished brass metal decorative wallplate


Polished Brass

The Metro black ceramic decorative wallplate



The Steps rustic brass metal decorative wallplate


Rustic Brass

The Edwardian polished chrome metal decorative wallplate


Polished Chrome

Summary: Glamorous finishes like polished brass or the stunning Metro glossy black can add a touch of sophistication.

A Modern Farmhouse decor style home office with white walls, wood floors, a wood desk, and a large bookshelf built into the wall behind the desk

Office: Farmhouse

Turn your home office into a charming modern farmhouse retreat by introducing distressed furniture and vintage accents. Embrace a palette of warm and earthy tones, setting the stage for a cozy and inviting workspace. Incorporate the character of reclaimed wood elements to add a touch of authenticity to the overall design. Enhance the vintage appeal with carefully selected desk accessories that harken back to a bygone era, bringing a sense of nostalgia and charm to your work environment. This thoughtfully curated combination of distressed furnishings, earthy tones, and vintage accents transforms your home office into a rustic farmhouse haven, where work becomes a delight amidst timeless charm and comfort.

Amerelle's Choice For Modern Farmhouse Offices

The Dawson weathered white wood decorative wallplate


Weathered White

The Chelsea aged bronze metal decorative wallplate


Aged Bronze

The Shaker white metal decorative wallplate



The Cottage white BMC decorative wallplate



Summary: Rustic finishes like antique bronze or weathered wood can seamlessly integrate into the farmhouse aesthetic.

Amerelle Makes The Difference

Blending decor styles room by room is a creative journey that allows you to express your personality and experiment with various design influences. By strategically combining furniture, colors, and accent pieces inspired by different movements, and incorporating Amerelle Wallplates to tie it all together, you can craft a home that is a reflection of your eclectic tastes, telling a story of diversity and elegance in every room.

Accent pieces play a pivotal role in harmonizing diverse decor styles. Consider incorporating statement rugs, throw pillows, or unique lighting fixtures that encapsulate the essence of each design movement. Amerelle Wallplates, with their extensive range of finishes and styles, offer a versatile choice for accentuating and unifying different aesthetics throughout your home.

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