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New Paint? New Plate!

Looking for a fresh new style? The two most dramatic (and inexpensive) changes you can make to your room are a fresh coat of paint and new designer wall plates from Amerelle. Whether you’re looking for a bold, daring look with strong colors paired with our Art Deco wall plates, or a relaxing neutral feel with a pop of texture and style from our Bohemian wall plates, you’ll create a living space that looks more comfortable, more complete, and more yours. Make the perfect style statement when you upgrade to Amerelle wall plates!

Blending in, or Standing Proud?

With a wide variety of decorative switchplates to choose from, the choice is yours if you want a look that discretely blends into your paint and trim, or a look that highlights and accents your space. Historically, most homeowners strived for quiet integration, often pairing white trim with white switches and white wall plates, typically with neutral walls. Today, it’s all about personalization – mixing and matching switches and wall plates with bold paint colors is perfectly accepted, and they can be the perfect style addition to your décor. With today’s wide selection of designer wall plates from Amerelle, there’s no reason not to let your wall plates stand out!

Photo: Momfort Collection, White Finish

Momfort White Single Toggle on gold painted wall
Contemporary Collection

Pairing to your Paint

Matching electrical wall plates to a newly painted wall is all about the desired feel of the finished space. Paint tone – meaning whether your paint is warm, cool, or neutral – is the dominant driver rather than color. Warm paint colors create cozy spaces with an intimate feel and should be paired with warm-toned switch plates such as wood, bronze and copper. Cool paint colors create freshness and an airy vibe and are best paired with cool toned wall plates such as stainless steel and nickel. Is your room predominantly neutral? You’ll have full creative leeway to choose any Amerelle wall plate, and you’re best taking into context the remaining décor of the room when choosing your material and color. White wall covers can be used in any room; they are the neutrals of the wall plate world!

Photo: Contemporary Collection, Medium, Light, and Unfinished Oak

Materials Matter

Amerelle designer wall plates are available in ceramic, wood, metal, and faux stone, plus a few specialty plates such as mirrored glass. There is no “best” material. Rather, the material should be an expression of your home and your personal style. If in doubt, matching wall plates to your home’s existing décor materials is a safe bet. If you have natural warm wood as a design element throughout your home, wood wall plates can tie the look together for a quiet feel. Don’t overdo it though, and never be afraid to mix it up. Metals can make a bolder statement that compliments your décor and provides just the right amount of visual interest.

Photo: Metro Collection, White Ceramic

Metro White Ceramic Single Toggle
Imperial Bead Satin Nickel Wallplate on a dark painted wall

Mix it Up

Mixed metals are the latest trend, and for good reason. This creative look lends depth and interest to a room. But use caution! You’ll want to choose a dominant metal for the room, and it should match your room’s tone (cool or warm). The second finish should be contrasting to the dominant finish, and used sparingly to add a statement. Does your cool-toned room have satin nickel as the dominant metal? Antique bronze switchplate covers may be the perfect complementary choice!

Photo: Imperial Bead Collection, Satin Nickel