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Goodbye, Plastic. Hello, Style!

While Amerelle wallplates are crafted from wood, metal, or ceramic, many other wallplate manufacturers are still selling passé plastic plates because of their inexpensive fabrication. Unfortunately, these plastic wallplates are more susceptible to UV discoloration, scratching, and cracking – they simply don’t hold up well on your wall. They are also devoid of the style and personality offered by Amerelle designer plates, which come in the colors, finishes, and materials you need to add the perfect finishing touch to your décor. Whether your style is classic, trendy, or eclectic, it’s time to make the switch from plastic!

Prevalence of Plastic

As an engineering material, it’s easy to see why phenol formaldehyde plastic, also known as phenolic (or formally as polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride), became the de facto standard for inexpensive wallplates decades ago. This plastic is easily molded as a liquid yet never re-melts, making it a cheap and easy choice for switches. This is why, almost without exception, every room from the 1990s and earlier was filled with the same, tired plastic wallplates. But as tastes and technology have evolved, so has our décor – and wallplates are no exception! Newly built and remodeled homes are eschewing the plastic plates of the past in favor of designer plates fashioned from enduring, upscale materials such as wood, ceramic, and metal that bring a pop of style to every room.

Plain white plastic wallplate on white wall
Vintage American Tack and Hardware decorative wallplate from 1967

Built to Last

Amerelle wallplates are designed to last a lifetime using high quality, durable materials such as steel, zinc, and wood and finishes to resist scratches and scuffing. Unlike with plastic plates, you shouldn’t need to replace Amerelle wallplates simply because of age or wear and tear. But when you’re ready to refresh your style, your Amerelle designer plates are easily recycled to make room for their replacements without ending up in a landfill.

A Better Look

Plastic wallplates may be cheap, but they also look it. They simply can’t match the luxurious finish of an antique bronze, brushed nickel, or light oak Amerelle wallplate. Crafted from a variety of finishes, styles, and materials, Amerelle plates offer options to meet any design aesthetic, from Rustic to Contemporary and everything in between. Whether you want your switch plates to make a bold statement or to integrate seamlessly into your room’s décor, you’ll find just the look and sophistication you’re after with Amerelle.

Photo: Filigree Collection, Antique Brass