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Design Is In The Details

All accomplished designers know that the greatest designs are born from keen execution to details. Unfortunately, many homes today are built by contractors without the involvement of a designer, and small details are often overlooked in favor of cost, simplicity, and a generic plain-vanilla feel. Fortunately, wallplates are one of the quickest and least expensive ways to add detail to your space and make it yours. After all, your home should be the center of your creative expression.

Show Your Wallplates Proudly

Having electrical outlets in your home is nothing to be embarrassed about, yet many publications showcasing beautiful homes actually digitally alter their images to remove outlets from countertops, backsplashes, and rooms to display a cleaner look for the photograph. More often than not, these showpiece homes feature high-end architecture, beautiful woodwork, and, much to our chagrin, white plastic wallplates. If we had those in our homes, we’d edit them out too!

Photo: Imperial Bead, Brushed Nickel

Express Your Style

Fortunately, Amerelle offers many fashionable yet inexpensive alternatives to those white plastic plates. We have hundreds of styles and finishes for you to choose from, integrating perfectly with styles from traditional and transitional all the way to ultra-contemporary and minimalistic. We even offer unique styles like our Diamond Plate collection, the perfect complement to your garage or man-cave. Whether you prefer a loud statement that stands proud or a more muted design that blends in, you’re sure to find the perfect wallplate for your space at Amerelle.

Photo: Diamond Plate, Aluminum

Accentuate Existing Décor

Amerelle wallplates are the perfect design detail to underscore your space’s décor style. The best way to start your wallplate search is to look for designs that coordinate with your existing décor. If, for example, your home primarily features art deco décor, shop the Amerelle Art Deco collection of wallplates first to find a wallplate family that’s a guaranteed match. Our designers have curated these collections just for you, but these are just a starting point; don’t hesitate to branch out from here and expand your search. All talented designers know that mixing styles adds visual interest and complexity to a space, so don’t be afraid to experiment with designs you like, even if they aren’t an obvious “fit” for your space’s themed décor.

Photo: Elly, White

Wallplate Design Guidelines

As in all artistic expression, the rules of choosing a designer plate can always be broken (in fact, we like to think of them as guidelines rather than rules). But if you’re just starting out and not sure where to begin, following a few simple guidelines can set you down a path to design success. If you’re choosing wood wallplates, choose a wood that matches the existing finish of your wood elements. Unless your space is rustic, avoid overusing too many warm tones of wood. In this case, metal may be a better choice. With metal wallplates, it’s okay to mix and match different metals. Check out our blog on choosing a metal plate, but in short, selecting two shades of metal is a great design choice, provided the shades either match well or contrast significantly. Avoid combinations like polished chrome and brushed nickel, since they’re too similar to create distinction.

Photo: English Garden, Brushed Brass