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Decor Spotlight:
Modern Style

In the world of interior design, there is a timeless charm in combining the old with the new. Vintage elements bring a sense of nostalgia and character, while modern aesthetics keep spaces fresh and contemporary. When it comes to adding a touch of retro style to your home, consider incorporating vintage light switch covers. Amerelle, a leading brand in home decor, offers a delightful range of vintage-inspired light switch covers that seamlessly blend the allure of the past with the functionality of the present. Join us as we explore the art of retro revival and discover how to incorporate vintage light switch covers from Amerelle into your modern spaces.

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Characterized by sleek lines, minimalism, and a focus on functionality, modern decor represents a contemporary and forward-thinking design movement. In this blog, Amerelle Wallplates will delve into the core principles of modern design, exploring its origins, key features, and providing insights on how you can bring a sense of innovation and simplicity to your living spaces through this design trend.

A Modern decor style bedroom with lot of open space, a very large window with ample amounts of natural light, and a light wood patterned wall
A Modern decor style kitchen with wood walls, straight lines, large windows, and under cabinet lighting

The Origins of Modern Decor Style

Modern decor traces its roots to the early to mid-20th century, particularly the mid-century modern movement. Influenced by pioneering architectural and design movements such as Bauhaus and the International Style, modern design emerged as a departure from traditional decor. It prioritizes clean lines, open spaces, and a harmonious blend of form and function.

Key Elements of Modern Decor

A closeup image of an island in a Modern decor style kitchen made out of wood and white granite, with straight lines, and with a bouquet of white flowers inside of a glass vase

Clean and Simple Lines

Modern design emphasizes clean, straight lines and a lack of unnecessary ornamentation. Furniture and architectural elements often feature geometric shapes, contributing to an uncluttered and streamlined look.

A Modern decor style living room with a predominantly gray color palette, a low-sitting long couch, a black modern style lamp, and orange pillows

Neutral Color Palette

A modern color palette tends to be neutral, incorporating whites, grays, and blacks. Bold accent colors may be used sparingly to add pops of interest and contrast within the minimalist aesthetic.

A Modern decor style living room with white walls and all black and dark brown furniture and decorations, a low-sitting leather couch, and a low-sitting coffee table

Functional Furniture

Furniture in modern decor is chosen for both its form and function. Pieces often serve dual purposes, and there is an emphasis on practicality and efficiency in design. Exaggerated long lines and low-slung seating add drama and scale to modern rooms.

A Modern decor style kitchen with white walls, black lighting and hardware, hardwood floors, a wood backsplash, and wood countertops

Open and Airy Spaces

Modern interiors favor open layouts that promote a sense of spaciousness and connectivity. Large windows and strategic lighting contribute to an airy atmosphere.

Incorporating Modern Style in Your Home

Bringing the essence of modern decor into your home involves selecting clean lines, a neutral color palette, and functional furniture. Amerelle wallplates seamlessly integrate into modern decor, providing a sleek and polished finishing touch that complements the style's emphasis on simplicity and innovation.

Modern Wallplates

The Elan Brushed Nickel decorative metal wallplate from Amerelle


Brushed Nickel

The Siena Screwless Brushed Nickel decorative metal wallplate from Amerelle

Siena Screwless

Brushed Nickel

The Devon Brushed Brass decorative metal wallplate from Amerelle


Brushed Brass

The Glass Tile collection of Amerelle decorative glass wallplates

Glass Tile

Clear / Mint

The Zen Screwless Brushed Nickel decorative metal wallplate from Amerelle

Zen Screwless

Brushed Nickel

The Mies Screwless Satin Nickel decorative metal wallplate from Amerelle

Mies Screwless

Satin Nickel

Amerelle’s Modern Elegance

Amerelle Wallplates and light switch covers embody the sleek elegance of modern decor. Precision-crafted to enhance the modern aesthetic, our products effortlessly blend with clean lines and neutral tones synonymous with the style. Whether you are drawn to the contemporary allure of modern design or appreciate its functional simplicity, Amerelle wallplates offer the perfect touch, adding a sense of modernity and sophistication to your living spaces.

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