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Decor Spotlight:
Mediterranean Style

In the world of interior design, there is a timeless charm in combining the old with the new. Vintage elements bring a sense of nostalgia and character, while modern aesthetics keep spaces fresh and contemporary. When it comes to adding a touch of retro style to your home, consider incorporating vintage light switch covers. Amerelle, a leading brand in home decor, offers a delightful range of vintage-inspired light switch covers that seamlessly blend the allure of the past with the functionality of the present. Join us as we explore the art of retro revival and discover how to incorporate vintage light switch covers from Amerelle into your modern spaces.

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The Mediterranean decor style is a beacon of timeless elegance, echoing the sun-soaked landscapes and rich cultural heritage of the Mediterranean region. In this exploration, we at Amerelle Wallplates invite you to immerse yourself in the allure of Mediterranean design, uncovering its origins, distinctive features, and how you can infuse your living spaces with its warm and inviting essence.

Embracing the essence of Mediterranean decor involves embracing earthy tones, textured surfaces, and timeless elegance. Amerelle wallplates effortlessly complement Mediterranean interiors, adding a touch of understated luxury and refinement to your living spaces.

A Mediterranean decor style kitchen with blue island cabinetry, wood countertops, white walls, and blue and white mosaic tile floors and backsplashes
A Mediterranean decor style bedroom with large windows that show the Mediterranean Sea in the background

Origins of the Mediterranean Decor Style

The Mediterranean decor style draws inspiration from the coastal regions of Southern Europe, particularly Italy, Greece, and Spain, as well as the charming villages nestled along the Mediterranean coastline. Influenced by the region's diverse history and architectural marvels, this design ethos celebrates a fusion of cultures, blending elements from various civilizations, including Roman, Moorish, and Byzantine.

Key Elements of Mediterranean Decor

A Mediterranean decor style living room with white walls, gray tile floors, beige fabrics, linen window drapes, green plants, and a wood coffee table

Earthy Color Palette

At the heart of Mediterranean decor lies a palette inspired by nature's hues. Warm earth tones such as terracotta, sandy beige, and sun-kissed ochre dominate the color scheme, evoking the sun-drenched landscapes of the Mediterranean. Vibrant accents in azure blue, olive green, and rustic reds pay homage to the region's vibrant flora and azure seas.

A Mediterranean decor style dinning room with a table made of wood, a green olive plant in a white vase on the table, beige walls, and tile floors

Textured Surfaces

Mediterranean interiors are characterized by their textured surfaces, which add depth and visual interest to the space. Rough-hewn stone walls, hand-painted tiles, and weathered wood finishes impart a sense of rustic charm, reminiscent of ancient Mediterranean villas and seaside cottages.

An indoor-outdoor lounging room with a wall that opens directly to the outdoors, white fabrics lounging couches, a fireplace with wood stacked in front of it, and white tile floors, with lot of natural sunlight

Timeless Elegance

Mediterranean decor exudes an air of timeless elegance, blending traditional craftsmanship with relaxed sophistication. Furniture pieces often feature intricately carved details, wrought iron accents, and plush upholstery in natural fabrics like linen and cotton, embodying the region's artisanal heritage and effortless refinement.

An indoor-outdoor Mediterranean decor style porch with water in the distance, and with lots of blue and white mosaic tile floors, walls, and pottery

Outdoor Living Spaces

Central to Mediterranean living is the concept of indoor-outdoor flow, where living spaces seamlessly transition to outdoor terraces, courtyards, and gardens. Lush Mediterranean gardens, adorned with fragrant herbs, citrus trees, and colorful blooms, serve as extensions of the home, inviting relaxation and alfresco dining under the sun or stars.

Amerelle’s Mediterranean Charm

Amerelle Wallplates and light switch covers epitomize the timeless charm of Mediterranean decor. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our products seamlessly integrate into Mediterranean interiors, enhancing the warmth and character of your home. Whether you're drawn to the rustic allure of Tuscan villas or the coastal chic of Greek islands, Amerelle wallplates offer the perfect finishing touch, infusing your living spaces with the irresistible charm of Mediterranean style.

Mediterranean Wallplates

The slate almond/cream version of the Faux Stone collection of Amerelle decorative resin wallplates

Faux Stone

Slate Almond

The aged bronze version of the Continental collection of Amerelle decorative metal wallplates


aged bronze

The biscuit version of the Metro collection of Amerelle decorative ceramic wallplates



The aged bronze version of the Chelsea collection of Amerelle decorative metal wallplates


Aged Bronze

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