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Decor Spotlight:
Contemporary Style

In the world of interior design, there is a timeless charm in combining the old with the new. Vintage elements bring a sense of nostalgia and character, while modern aesthetics keep spaces fresh and contemporary. When it comes to adding a touch of retro style to your home, consider incorporating vintage light switch covers. Amerelle, a leading brand in home decor, offers a delightful range of vintage-inspired light switch covers that seamlessly blend the allure of the past with the functionality of the present. Join us as we explore the art of retro revival and discover how to incorporate vintage light switch covers from Amerelle into your modern spaces.

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A contemporary decor style, often confused with modern style, is a dynamic and ever-evolving design trend that encapsulates the present's aesthetic essence. It reflects the spirit of our times, blending functionality with understated elegance. In this blog, Amerelle wallplates will dive into the contemporary decor style, examining its history, essential elements, and how to infuse your living spaces with a sophisticated, up-to-date feel.

A photograph of a professionally designed Contemporary kitchen with a marble countertop, wood paneled walls, trendy green bar stools, and dropdown globe lights
A photograph of a professionally designed lounging area in somebody's home, with a beige color palette, a mid-century modern style chair, and lots of natural light

The History of Contemporary Decor

The term "contemporary" is rooted in the here and now. The emergence of the contemporary design ethos can be traced back to the latter half of the 20th century. It stood as a counterpoint to the established norms, reflecting a society that was rapidly changing—technologically, socially, and politically. Contemporary decor is a reflection of the current design ethos and is not tied to a particular period or decade. It borrows elements from various eras, combining them with modern simplicity.

Key Elements of Contemporary Decor

A photo of a beautiful Contemporary decor styled living room, with a neutral color palette, a low sitting white couch, lots of natural lights and large windows, and natural plant greenery

Neutral Color Palette

The foundation of contemporary style is a muted, neutral color palette. Dominant shades like beige, gray, black, and white craft a serene and refined ambiance. However, bursts of color punctuate this neutrality, coming alive through art and decorative accents.

A photo of a Contemporary decor styled kitchen with black walls, marble countertops, wood cabinetry, and brass and black hardware

Clean Lines & Minimalism

Contemporary decor is characterized by clean lines, smooth surfaces, and a lack of fussiness. Furniture is often streamlined, with minimal ornamentation, emphasizing function and form. Amerelle wallplates provide the perfect finishing touches with their sleek craftsmanship, and remains the leader in contemporary style light switch covers.

A photo of a Contemporary decor style kitchen and living room with an open concept, wood cabinetry, light wood floors, white walls, and large windows with a lot of natural light

Open Spaces & Natural Light

Openness and ample natural light are hallmarks of contemporary design. Large windows, unobstructed views, and open floor plans create a feeling of spaciousness.

Implementing The Contemporary Style in Your Home

Bringing the contemporary spirit into your home is a dance between modernity and comfort. It's about creating spaces that are sleek, functional, and in tune with the current moment. Celebrated for its neutral color palette, clean lines, open spaces, and embrace of natural light, contemporary decor elegantly combines design and functionality. Begin with a neutral foundation, introduce streamlined furniture, maximize natural light, and add pops of color through accents to transform your living space into a chic, contemporary haven.

Contemporary Wallplates


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Brushed Bronze



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Rustic Brass

Amerelle's Contemporary Pioneering

A nod to the refined simplicity of contemporary design, Amerelle's wallplates and light switch covers are crafted to complement the modern home's nuanced elegance. Whether you're drawn to the sleekness of contemporary interiors or appreciate its focus on the present, our wall plates are the perfect finishing touch, adding a hint of sophistication and modernity to your living spaces.

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